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Thermex QST Rebars


WARNING NOTE: Companies advertising 'TMT' Rebars  on this or other pages of this H&K website may not be using THERMEX System for production of rebars. Please check with us whether these Companies have been Licensed by us or are just cashing in on "THERMEX" name by appearing on this webpage.

H&K India Completes 28 Years - Enters 29th Year
of Service to the Nation

Board of Directors organised a lunch for staff on Foundation Day

Gen Next takes charge
In 2012 the Chairman, R. K. Markan handed over charge to Radhika Markan, Managing Director

R.K.Markan with the ladies at H&K India in their Sunday Best

R. K. Markan with the men of H&K India - in contemporary & traditional dresses

H&K India - 29th Year

  • On 16.05.2013 H&K India commences its 29th Year of service to the nation.  The 28th year was marked by a continuous stream of new orders for THERMEX Systems in spite of adverse market conditions.
  • All major magazines brought out a new artcle by H&K India Chairman on Steel Reinforcement Myths & Reality and the changing rebar scenario in the Indian Region
  • 152 Rolling Mills who ordered Licensed Thermex System by H&K India are producing Thermex QST Rebars
  • India's production capacity of Thermex Rebars crossed 14.0 million T on 31 March 2013
  • 31 Thermex Installations under execution
  • Thermex QST rebar capacity in India is set to rise to 15 million T by mid-2014
  • The 180 Orders MILESTONE on H&K for THERMEX Systems was crossed
  • H&K India Chairman, R. K. Markan, was conferred a "Life Time Achievement Award" in December 2007 by The American Concrete Institute (India Chapter) for his contribution in spreading awareness and improving quality of rebars in the country. The citation named him as "a One Man Army with mission".
  • The new generation has taken over day-to-day work of H&K India since the past 2-3 years. 
  • Ms. Radhika Markan was promoted to post of Managing Director w.e.f. 01 April 2012.

We are overjoyed with introduction of the British Code BS: 4449-2005 effective from January 01, 2006. This Code has only ONE Yield Strength - 500. Further, it caters to the increasing demand for Grade 500 rebars with high ductility - Grade 500C (suffix 'C' indicates bars with high ductility) with uniform elongation of 7.5% and a stress ratio of 1.15 to 1.35. Exactly what we have been advocating (since past few years at all seminars) for the complete Indian Region on account of the Very High Seismic Hazard areas that exist here.

Thermex QST rebars are now placed at a distinct advantage in the region. This in turn is reflected in the number of plants put into operation and the spurt of orders (average 15 to 20 per year) for THERMEX QST Systems placed on us over the past few years. 

It may also be informed that the exclusive 'THERMEX' area for H&K has been expanded by addition of Pakistan, Bhutan and Myanmar. We thus now truly cater to the entire Indian Region. And, BHUTAN now has 2 plants producing Thermex rebars.

The 14 million tonne Thermex QST rebar capacity milestone in India was crossed in March 2013. And, 31 more remain to be commissioned in the Indian Region - due to start by Mid 2014 - adding another 2 million T !

2005 has also been a great year for the country in as much as the quality of rebars used in civil construction has witnessed a demand for better rebars - befitting the seismic zones of the country. H&K India has directly benefited from this new found demand - a staggering 15-20 orders for THERMEX Systems in each year in the adverse market conditions that have existed since 2008. The start-up of Thermex in rolling mills has kept pace with receipt of orders -almost 10-15 per year in these years.

H&K, now in its 3rd decade, has been instrumental in bringing about a marked change in the quality of rebars produced in the Indian Region. The first seminar on Thermex Technology was held in June 1984 at Duesseldorf, Germany for Indian visitors to the Metec Exhibition.
Today, on account of the various papers presented at international seminars and articles published in leading magazines, there is a greater awareness amongst civil engineers in the country about the quality of rebars that need to be specified for civil construction and the use of correct technology for producing good quality 'Quenched & Self Tempered' (QST) as per popular international standards.
THERMEX  has now become the leading rebar brand in India with a market share of over 60%. To ensure consistent quality, a team of quality auditors inspect, every 3 months, the products made by each Licensee in the secondary sector. Such visits are undertaken without any prior information to the rolling mill. We believe that we are the only Company in India that undertakes this exercise on such a large scale - important in light of the global respect commanded by the THERMEX brand. 
We are pleased to give here the paper on "Steel Reinforcement for India" presented by R. K. Markan, Chairman & MD, H&K India at the International Seminar held in December 2004 at Mumbai by the India Chapter of American Concrete Institute.

Radhika Markan with staff at the Foundation Day lunch on 16 May 2013

Close associates with the Radhika Markan & Ramdas Chavan at Foundation Day lunch

The THERMEX QUENCHING TECHNOLOGY belongs to  Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering GmbH, Germany (HSE), the technical collaborators of H&K India. For marketing & supplying THERMEX technology and equipment in the Indian Region, HSE has assigned exclusive rights to H&K India. Mr. Franz TAMM, Managing Director of HSE Germany and the developer of Thermex is also a Director on the Board of H&K India.


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H&K Rolling Mill Engineers Pvt. Ltd.,
401, Balarama,
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra East,
Mumbai 400051.
Phone: +91-22-3062 2004
Fax: +91-22-2659 0200



01. Durgapur Steel Plant, S.A.I.L. West Bengal

02. Bhilai Steel Plant, S.A.I.L., Chattisgarh
03. SRMB, Kolkata, West Bengal
04. TK Ispat, Pune, Maharashtra 
05. Rathi Super Steel Ltd., Ghaziabad, U. P.
06. Metro Ispat, Wada, Maharashtra
07. Rathi Steel & Power Ltd. (formerly Rathi Udyog), Ghaziabad, U.P.
08. Hy-Tuf Steels, Vadodara, Gujarat
09. Ramsarup Utpadak, Kolkata, West Bengal
10. Besco, Kolkata, West Bengal
11. Euro-Gulf (formerly AREGS), Dubai, UAE
12. Panchakanya, Nepal
13. Rathi Bar Ltd., Bhiwari, Rajasthan
14. SPS Ltd., Durgapur, West Bengal
15. Beekay, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
16. Balbir Rolling, Silvassa, DNH
17. Greystone Ispat, Meghalaya
18. Binjusaria Metal Box, Hyderabad, A. P.
19. Shyam Sel, Kolkata, West Bengal
20. Shree Parashnath Re-Rolling, Durgapur, W. B.
21. Shri Ramrupai Balaji, Durgapur, W. B.
22. Shyam Shree Steels, Durgapur, W. B.
23. Guardian Steels,Wada Thane, Mah.
24. Jai Jyotawali, Wada, Thane, Mah.
25. Rajuri Steel, Jalna, Maharashtra
26. Jagdamba Steel, Nepal
27. MSP Steel, Orissa
28. Ramsarup Utpadak, Kolkata, W. B.
29. Bhagwati Ferro, Silvassa DNH
30. Pratibha Ispat, (formerly C. Vijaykumar Steel), Khopoli, Mah.
31. Shri Mahalaxmi Vinimay, Jangalpur, W. B.
32. Durgapur Steel Plant, Durgapur, W.B.
33. Kalika Re-Rolls, Jalna, Mah.
34. Bhuwalka Steel, Bangalore, Karnataka
35. Rathi Iron and Steel Industries, Indore, M. P.
36. Shree Om, Jalna, Mah.
37. Parvati Steel, Jalna, Mah.
38. Velagapudi Steel, Vishakapatnam, A. P.
39. SPS-2 Durgapur, West Bengal
40. Dina Mahabir, Patna, Bihar
41. GISCO, Patna, Bihar
42. Agarwal Foundries, Hyderabad, A. P.
43. Metro Alloys, Murbad, Mah.
44. Praneet Ispat, Jharkhand
45. ASR Multimetals, Gandhidham, Gujarat
46. Gaurav Krishna, Raipur, Chatisgarh
47. Roopam Steel, Jalna, Mah.
48. Sree Metaliks, Orissa
49. Steel Exchange, Vishakapatnam, A. P.
50. MSP -2, Raigarh, Chattisgarh
51. Regency Ispat, Wada, Mah
52. Saravana Alloys, Bangalore, Karnataka
53. Varsana Ispat, Gujarat
54. AHW Steel, West Bengal
55. Shri Bajarang Metallics & Power, Raipur, CG.
56. Gallant Metal, Gandhidham, Gujarat
57. Varun Rolling Mill, Wada, Maharashtra
58. Brand Alloys, West Bengal
59. Tema Steel, Ghana
60. Bhuwalka Steel -2, Wada, Mah.
61. Ramsarup Utpadak -3, Kolkata, W.B.
62. Rathi Re-Rollers, Silvasa, DNH
63. Balaji TMT (Rayalseema), Gooty, A.P.
64. Satyam Ispat, Arunachal Pradesh
65. Suvikas, Wada, Mah.
66. KhatuShyamji Rolling, Nanded, Mah.
67. SR Balaji -2, West Bengal
68. SMC Power, Orissa
69. Yugantar Power & Steel, Bilaspur, CG.
70. Shri Bajarang Metallics & Power -2, Raipur, CG.
71. Shyam DRI, Orissa
72. Bhutan Steel, Bhutan
73. Ashok Steel, Nepal
74. Sarasvati Steel, Jalna, Mah.
75. Nava Karnatka, Bellary, Karnataka
76. Glade Steel, Hyderabad, A. P.
77. BMA, West Bengal
78. Concast Ispat, 24 Parganas, W. B.
79. Dilip Re-Rolling Pvt. Ltd., A. P.
80. Vinayak Steel, Shadnagar, A. P.
81. Shri RadhaKrishna, Hindupur A. P.
82. Shiv Shakti Re-Rolling, Jalna, Mah
83. Vishnu Steel, Wada, Mah.
84. Bhagyalaxmi Rolling Mill, Jalna, Mah.
85. Sourabh Rolling Mill, Raipur Chhatisgarh
86. Binjusaria Ispat, Hyderabad, A. P.
87. Rathi Special Steel, Bhiwari, Rajasthan
88. Goyal Allied, Wada, Mah.
89. RKKR Steel,  Chennai, Tamil Nadu
90. Shyam Sel -2, West Bengal
91. S.K. Sarawgi, Raipur, Chhatisgarh
92. Apex Steel, Kenya
93. Suryadev Alloys & Power, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
94. Sharda Shree Ispat, Nagpur, Mah.
95. Shriramrathi Steels, Bankur, West Bengal
96. Multi Steel Store, Wada, Mah.
97. Shri KhatuShyam Industries, Silvassa, DNH
98. Brahm (Alloys), West Bengal
099. Shiva Re-Rollers, Sundargarh, Orissa
100. GISCO -2, Patna, Bihar
101. Padmashree Hi-tech, Devarapali, A. P.
102. Maa Vaishnavi Sponge, Orissa
103. Kudus Steel, Wada, Mah.
104. AmbeMet Steel, Wada, Mah.
105. IPI Steel, Dhenkanal, Orissa
106. Kohinoor Steel, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
107. Sree Metaliks -2, Angul, Orissa
108. MSP Rolling, Howrah, West Bangal
109. Ambe Steel, Nepal
110. Rathi Rajasthan, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan
111. Omsarain Steels & Alloys Pvt. Ltd., Jalna Maharashtra
112. Sri Navdurga Billets Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, A. P.
113. Radha Smelters, Hyderabad, A. P.
114. Maruti Ferrous, Raipur, Chhatisgarh
115. Guardian Steels (2nd Order), Wada, Mah.
116. Savitri Steels, Andhra Pradesh 
117. Gagan Ferrotech, Burdwan, W. Bengal
118. SBIW Steels, Bankura, W. Bengal 
119. Tanmayi Ispat, Mahaboobnagar, A. P. 
120. Salasaar Iron & Steel, Mahaboobnagar, A. P. 
121. Laxmi Steel, Nepal
122. Jaideep Ispat & Alloys (Unit-II), Dhar, M.P.
123. New Laxmi Steel & Power, Khurda, Orissa
124. Vindyavasini Steel Corp., Wada, Mah.
125. Kalinga Meyallics & Power, Keonjhar, Orissa
126.  Kamala Rolling Mills, Nepal
127. Jai Jyotawali (2nd Order) Wada, Mah.
128. Khayati Steel Ind. Mysore, Karnataka
129. Shyam Ferrous, Hindupur, A. P.
130. Amit Metalliks Ltd., Durgapur, W. Bengal


131. Sun Metallics & Alloys, Wada, Mah. 
132. Fortune Metallics, Raipur, Chattisgarh.
133. Sree Gopal Concrete, Burdwan, W. Bengal 
134. Modern India Steel,  Kolkata, W. Bengal
135. Shivam Meltech, Burdwan, W. Bengal 
136. Purulia Metal Casting, Purulia, W. Bengal. 
137. VRKP Steel Ind., Bangalore, Karnataka  
138. MSM Steels, Latur, Mah.,
139. Shri B. D. Ispat & Alloys, Hoogly, W. Bengal


140. Druk Iron & Steel, Nepal
141. Mahalaxmi TMT, Warda, Mah.
142. Utkarsh Bars, Surendranagar. Gujarat
143. Toofan Steel Ind. Murshidabad, W. Bengal
144. Rama Power & Steel, Raipur, Chhatisgarh 
145. Habesha Steel Mills, Ethiopia
146. Kamachi Sponge & Power, Chennai, T. N.
147. Aditya Ultra Steel, Rajkot, Gujarat
148. Rayalseema Ind., Mahaboobnagar, A.P.
149. Kesar Alloys & Metals, Dhar, M. P. 


150. HRG Alloys & Steels, Koppal, Karnataka
151. KC Ferro & Rerolling Mills, Wada, Mah.
152. Turbo Metals, Wada, Mah.


1. Sri 
Kalahasteeswara Steels, Chittoor, A. P.
2. Sanvijay Rolling & Engineering Ltd., Nagpur, Mah.
3. Rathi Super Steel, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh (2nd order)
4. Rana Sponge Ltd., Dhenkanal, Odisha
5. SRC Metalicks Private Limited Nandanpur, W. Bengal
6. Shree Mahalaxmi Corporation P.L., Jangalpur, W. Bengal (2nd order)
7. JMD Alloys Ltd. Patna, Bihar

8. NSR Steels Private Limited, Thirunelveli, Tamilnadu
9. Integrated Steel Company PLC, Nigeria
10. Cauvery Iron & Steel Ltd., Medak, A.P.
11. Aceller Steel (P) Ltd., Angamaly, Kerala
12. Jai Shree Krishna Steel, Hasan, Karnataka
13. Srinivas Profiles & Textiles., Vizianagaram, A.P.
14. IPI Steel Ltd., Dhenkanal, Odisha (2nd order)
15. Omsairam Steel, Jalna
16. Vishal Ispat Valsad,Gujarat
17. Topworth Utja & Metal, Nagpur, Mah.
18. Confab Steel (Private) Limited, Sri Lanka
19. Bhuwalka Steel Industries (Sri Lanka) Ltd., Sri Lanka
20. Anjani Steels Limited, Raigarh, Chattisgarh
21. Shree Bhimeshwari Ispat Pvt. Ltd., Satara, Mah.
22. Saptasringi Steel Rolling Mill Pvt. Ltd., Nasik, Mah.
23. Surya Ferrous Alloys Pvt. Ltd., Wada, Mah.
24. Shree Ambika Ispat, Ahmednagar, Mah.
25. Jagdamba Industries Ltd., Durgapur, West Bengal
26. Mauli Steel Pvt. Ltd., Jalna, Mah
27. Balbir Rolling Mill Limited, (Unit-II), Vapi, Gujarat
28. Raipur Power And Steel Limited, Durg, C.G.
29. Neelkamal Steels (P) Ltd., Patna, Bihar 
30. Shree Ramdev Steel Ind., Gujarat
31. Kamachi
                                       Steels Ltd., Chennai, TN.

 (As on 31 March 2013)

THERMEX is the registered trademark of H&K in India and of HSE Germany in other countries.